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Bob’s new book, To Kingdom Come: An Epic Saga of Survival in the Air War over Germany, was published by NAL-Penguin on March 1, 2011. To Kingdom Come was chosen as a main selection of the Military and History Book Clubs.  

To Kingdom Come is the story of the most disastrous mission ever flown by the American Eighth Air Force during World War II. It is told through the eyes of eight of the men who flew it, from the commanding general who led the mission to a waist gunner in one of the bombers.

On September 6, 1943, three hundred and thirty-eight B-17 "Flying Fortresses" of the Eighth Air Force, the largest force ever assembled against a single target to that point in the war, took off from England to bomb important weapons factories in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dense cloud cover obscured the targets, and the mission commander decided to circle the twenty mile-long armada four times over Stuttgart and its deadly flak batteries. Forty-five planes went down that day. Hundreds of men were lost or went missing.

Military historians have labeled the Stuttgart mission a “fiasco” and a “disaster.”  General Henry “Hap” Arnold, who commanded the Army Air Forces in WWII, called it a “complete failure.”

The Stuttgart mission would become a defining moment in the conduct of the aerial warfare over Germany. Revealing both the astonishing valor of the airmen who survived being shot down, and the tragic fate of those who did not, To Kingdom Come is a stirring testament to the courage and sacrifice of American flyers in the face of incredible odds. 


“With power and passion, Robert J. Mrazek tells the story of one of the most calamitous American bombing missions of World War II…Mrazek writes about the ill-fated Stuttgart Raid as though he had gone into the heart of the Reich with the audacious American bomber crews…  a great book with ‘hold onto your seat’ suspense.  .” — Donald Miller, author of Masters of the Air: America’s Bombers Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany

“Mrazek has uncovered the moment of profound exigency for the bomber crews, when the course and consequence of the air war converged, and rendered it in vivid clarity.” —Hugh Ambrose, New York Times bestselling author of The Pacific

“[A] work of cinematic sweep and pace.” —Richard Frank, author of Downfall and Guadalcanal

“Through superb historical research and powerful narrative writing, the author brings back to life a pivotal, heartbreaking episode.”            —Tami Biddle, Professor, US Army War College and author of Rhetoric and Reality in Air Warfare

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